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Our vision and mission

Our vision and mission

Our Vision
Change the world for the better through education.

Our mission
- training and education of competent, self-valuable, self-developing throughout the life of a person, is equivalent to bilingual (Russian and English) and ICT, who has mastered native and foreign cultures, for studying in higher educational institutions our country and English-speaking countries, leading to successful socialization in the country and international space
Leaders of the Future
By the word "leaders" we mean people who have a certain set of qualities and skills: knowledge and competencies gained as a result of training and gained experience, the ability to motivate others to learn, improve and act. A real leader calls himself such only when he has earned the trust of others and others recognize his leadership position. Leaders do not recognize their place in the world - they create it themselves!

Change the world

Change in the world is a process of creating real value for society. But it is important to first create values, and only then talk about them. You can achieve positive changes by being a student, teacher, parent, active citizen of your society. Students and staff at Bright International School demonstrate and develop their leadership skills every day.

Make the world a better place

We understand that the world is constantly changing, and there are a number of important issues that require a global perspective. The world needs leaders with a growth mindset to meet all the challenges and challenges that arise. That is why our first and main goal is to educate leaders. We achieve it in various ways: building the educational process, focusing on values in the learning process and diversifying each child.