ул. Ажыбек Баатыра 1а ,Бишкек



Training is carried out:

  • Primary general education, grades 1-4
  • Basic general education, grades 5-9
  • Secondary general education, grades 10-11

Teaching in two learning systems:

  • Cambridge Learning System
  • State education system

We provide:

  • Nutrition
  • In-depth study of programming, IT technologies, exact sciences, mental arithmetic, robotics.
  • The compulsory language of instruction is English; additional language to choose from the following languages: German, French, Turkish.
  • Lessons are taught by local experts and native speakers.
  • Preparatory courses for ORT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.
  • Classes in dance, choreography, vocals, playing musical instruments, physical education, football and other sports. We have a good sports base for the physical development of children and circles for the development of children's talents. Large gyms and classrooms, a spacious dining room and a rich library.
  • In-depth study of foreign languages with native speakers
  • Lessons with a speech therapist.
In today's world, gadgets are an integral part of our lives.
Remember how we dreamed that everyone in the lesson would have their own laptop or computer?
Dreams come true for our children!
The future has arrived!
At Bright School, tablets and laptops are prepared for education for every child!
(Primary grades tablets with keyboard, middle and senior grades laptops).
Pros of working with a laptop (tablet):
➕development of fine motor skills;
➕development of attention, memory, thinking;
➕training programs;
➕access to a large amount of useful information;
➕formation of filtering and information search skills;
➕a huge library right in the laptop;


All educational processes at the school are conducted with the help of the electronic journal EduPage.

Parents receive a notification about academic achievements and the presence of the student at school.

EduPage mobile application features:
☑️ Messages:
Here you can write messages to teachers and school administration.
☑️ Ratings:
Here you can see all the current grades as well as the quarter's predictive grades.
☑️ Homework:
Here you can see all the homework for each day.
☑️ Replacement:
If the teacher falls ill and the students change the lesson in the schedule, you will immediately know about it.
☑️ Polls:
Sometimes the school may ask you to take part in a survey or fill out a questionnaire - this is done here.
☑️ E-learning:
Ready-made materials for some subjects.
☑️ Cool magazine:
By opening this tab, you open an electronic diary with all entries.
☑️ Attendance:
All information about missed classes.
☑️ Schedule:
Full schedule for the whole week.
☑️ Buffet menu.
☑️ Gallery:
Photo reports about the events in the school.
☑️Test yourself:
Electronic testing module.