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How to apply?

How to apply?

The doors of IS Bright are always open for parents who want to learn more about all aspects of the educational and educational processes of the school, as well as get to know our program and conditions better. We are ready to organize for you an individual meeting with teachers and a tour of the school campuses. The time of the visit must be agreed in advance by phone +996(505)620-620 or by e-mail office@brightis.edu.kg

The enrollment of the child in the school is based on the results of testing and interviews with parents. Testing time is assigned individually.

IS Bright is an international private school, so the entrance examinations for applicants consist of tests in both Russian and international (and/or English).

Please note that entrance testing at IS Bright is free.

It is important to us that our students reach the highest level of academic and personal development, therefore we are looking for positive-minded children who strive to improve their academic potential and are ready for self-improvement.

Important conditions for admission are also:

The coincidence of value orientations and ideas about the desired lifestyle for the child and the educational result;
The coincidence of the style of communication and behavior adopted in the family and at school;
Respect for school rules and regulations.
The following documents are required for admission to the school:

  • APPLICATION for admission to the school, completed and signed by the parent or legal representative.
  • A copy of the passport of the parent (legal representative) concluding a contract for training;
  • Birth certificate of the child and its copy;
  • Extract from the house book on the registration of the child;
  • Personal file of the student (in case of transfer of the child from another school).
  • Medical card.