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Tynker platform

Tynker platform

With the development of information systems and technologies, programming is the science of the future.

Our school "Bright" uses the "Tynker" online platform, which provides everything you need to learn computer programming in an exciting way. The child learns to program on blocks of certain commands, then moves on to JavaScript and Python.

Let's see what skills programming develops in our children:

Development of creativity in a child:

  • New technologies give humanity a platform for next-generation creativity, such as web design;
  • Development of experimental vein;
  • In the world of programming, your child may not be afraid of new discoveries, because there are practically no limits in this area;
  • Programming helps to involve both hemispheres of the brain in the processes:
  • Information technology includes not only the creative side, but also the technical side;
  • Writing complex codes helps develop self-organization in a child - children become more diligent and focused;
  • Programming is a basic literacy in the digital age, and this significantly expands the horizons of the child.